Welcome To My Sewing Room!

I’m gearing myself up fully launch this puppy (blog) and I thought I’d start with an easy post – a tour of my space where the crafting takes place. I am always curious how other sewers and crafters organize their rooms/spaces. I just tidied mine up and repainted, so here’s a little peak.


I sew with a New Home machine…probably from the 80s? I inherited it from my great aunt and it treats me right. I don’t care too much about all the fancy options on newer machines.



This little set was made for me by my dear friend, Renee. That girl knows the way to my heart.




My pattern collection is mildly out of control..


I keep my extra fragile vintage patterns safe in my fabric unit…


Tada! I love this piece of furniture. It’s from Ikea – the doors are super heavy so you’ve gotta attach that entire bad boy to the wall, but worth it! It’s only ~$160ish (if I remember correctly)


There are two future swimsuits in that stack!



I’m not trying to lose track of my buttons, guys.


Couldn’t figure out an ideal spot to store my embroidery hoops and rulers so I just stuck them on the wall 🙂



Work in progress strewn on my cutting table..


Speaking of work in progress…here’s my works in progress rack. It’s pretty full right now, whoops.


And here’s a small fraction of some made-by-me garments in the closet!


To wrap things up: my grandma looking like a total babe. She’s an amazing seamstress and has been inspiration for my ventures into sewing. Go grandma!


9 thoughts on “Welcome To My Sewing Room!

  1. This is so great Beth 🙂 I love how your sewing space is set up. I’m currently setting up my study/craft space since moving into a bigger place and your post has totally inspired me to organise my craft bits and get cracking on some new projects xXxX look forward to future posts.

    • Lou, I’m so excited that you are following me and that I can share crafty projects with you (also, if you have a current blog that I don’t know about, please let me know)

      My awesome mom helped me whip my sewing room back into shape..there were previously bags of fabric strewn everywhere

  2. I am so excited to see this! Your work is gorgeous and I, too, love seeing other people’s work space. I’m really proud of you for getting this going!

  3. Very cool, Beth. I love your creations. You always look wonderful. I love see how people organize things. I, too, am setting up a “studio”, which I hope will inspire me. You’re inspiration comes from within, I think! Good luck with your blog! You will inspire people with it.

  4. It looks as good in the pictures as it does in person. I love the pic of Grandma and I hope she gets a chance to see it. I’m going to ask Corey to bring his laptop to her place and show her! Love you, Dre

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