A Glimpse of Past Projects

I have been sewing for several years and I am not planning to add posts about all of my old projects, but I thought I’d give you a quick look at a handful of me-made items over time. My lighting situation is kind of sad in these pictures and all of the (glorious) fabric in the background is pretty distracting.. but work with me, I’ll step up my game as posts continue.



Vogue 1247 – Rachel Comey design

Made with a Fendi crepe de chine from Mood Fabrics (it’s still in the store!)




New Look 6022

Made with a stretch georgette from Gorgeous Fabrics




Simplicity 1873 (uhh..the waist fits better than it appears in these photos)

Made with a brocade made from Joann Fabrics (in case you are wondering..yep, the quality is crappy)



Vogue 1217 – Anna Sui design

Made with a georgette from Sawyer Brook Fabrics




Simplicity 6049 (skank much? don’t know why I thought the length was acceptable a few years ago)

Made with a silk/velvet burnout from Gorgeous Fabrics




Simplicity 2472

Made with a georgette from Gorgeous Fabrics




Vogue 1207 – Cynthia Steffe design

Made with a silk crepe from Mood Fabrics (skirt) and polyester-crap crepe from Joann Fabrics 🙂 (top)




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