Vogue 8728

I love vintage patterns. This is a Vogue re-issue from the 40s and it is wildly popular among the sewing community. I had the pattern in my stash for well over a year before I made this, but I am glad I finally got around to it.



Pretty cute, right? I used a cream ponteroma and would definitely recommend this fabric choice. I think with all of the gathering at the bust, a knit just turns out more flattering (especially with all of the bust I’ve gotta fit in there). I picked up this fabric at Joann’s – most of the knits there are pretty busted, but this was decent. I also bought a nude lycra knit to line the dress. The ponteroma was not super sheer, but I’m not trying to show anyone my underwear.



I cut a size 12 and it fit without adjustments ok…but let’s be honest, the waist is too big and I probably should have adjusted the fit better. I did not want to mess with a zipper since it was a knit, but that probably contributed to the loose waistline. I did add clear elastic to the waist seam to prevent some sagging. The lining definitely added weight so it helped to have some extra stability.

Another thing I will point out – the bust line of the dress doesn’t actually fall completely under my bust 😦 It would be fairly difficult to make a bust adjustment on this pattern (at least at my skill level). It still looks alright, but as is common, it’s not perfect on a DD cup. Wahh.



I did cut 3 or 4 inches of length off the skirt because I prefer my dresses to fall above the knee. I hemmed the dress with a twin needle.



I like the style of the sleeves a lot. The pattern did call for shoulder pads, but I left them out. I love a vintage style, but I usually modernize it a bit – not trying to look like I am in costume. The shoulder pads felt a little too intense.



This pattern uses lapped seams and I love the way it looks! Lapped seams are no more difficult than a regular seam and it does give a bit of a unique finish.



And here are the innards! The lining involved a lot of hand stitching. I basted the skirt and skirt lining together and attached that a one piece the bodice. I then sewed the side seams of the front and bace bodice lining pieces and inserted it in place by hand. I added the neck band in and finished the sleeves after putting in the lining. I left the top part of the bodice unlined because I thought there would be too much bulk with the gathering.




And that’s all I’ve got! I have plans to sew this again in a print knit – should be up on the cutting table quite soon 🙂


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