Project Sewn: Pink Challenge Sew Along

It’s nightie time!


I have made this vintage pattern 3 times now and I love it! The pattern was passed down to me from my grandma. I use cheap flannel from Joann’s because it feels very cozy. Unfortunately, it doesn’t really hold up well for tons of washes and wears so my older versions are looking pretty grimy.



This whole project only took a few hours in total to complete. I love instant gratification projects! I added lace around the yoke to make it sickeningly sweet 🙂 and made a bow with red satin ribbon for the front.



I have gotten really into following Project Sewn and I am super excited about the current designers! (although I am unbelievably bummed that Lladybird went out in the first round). I decided really last minute to be part of the sew along for the round 2 pink challenge. It’s too bad my pictures have bad lighting and the pink looks really washed out.



Even though this project is really basic and doesn’t look as pink as in my pictures as it does in person, I still had to post it because you guys, I ALMOST DIED GETTING THIS FABRIC. Ok, that’s a mild exaggeration, but in the time that I stopped at the store to scoop up a few yards of flannel, it started snowing so hard that I swerved around on the roads about 5 times trying to make it home safely. That’s commitment.




Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤


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