Simplicity 3688

It is no secret that I love vintage patterns – even if they are reissued vintage patterns (at least then they are not brittle and falling apart, right?). The “big four” pattern companies tend to like vintage reissues and I’ve been happy with a number of them, although the styling on the models they use for advertisement can be prettttty scary. In this post, I give you Simplicity 3688 – the skirt option!



BUT! many many many inches shorter…



Tada! It’s hard to tell that this is even the same pattern as the envelope shows. I really wanted a high waisted skirt, but I was rather underwhelmed by the skirt on the front of the envelope. Considering I got the pattern on sale for $1, I just went for it and chopped the pattern pieces to see what I’d come up with. Unfortunately I can’t remember the exact number of inches I removed from the end, but if I have to guess, I’d say ~4-6 inches?


I used denim that I purchased from Mood while visiting NYC months and months ago. It has very little stretch and it a rich dark denim that I tend to prefer. I think the denim was ~$14/yd. After cutting so much length off, I only needed ~1 yd to make this, so overall pretty inexpensive 🙂



I like that skirt has a nice flared, somewhat bell shape. I think the stiffness of my fabric works really well for this. It does tend to wrinkle in the back a bit after wearing it/sitting on it all day, but I don’t mind semi-frequent ironing.



I used a cute 1 inch button that I scooped up from Joann’s.

And then I made a second version!!


In brown tweed (also from Mood)! Sorry it looks a little wrinkly down the seams in the photos.


I chose to line this version with brown Bemberg rayon. My denim version tends to cling to tights a bit, so I thought a lining would help eliminate this annoyance (and I was right).



I was a little disappointed because this fabric had more ease/give to it, which caused the waistband the stretch out a bit and create a much looser fit than my other version. I guess I could have avoided this issue by testing the fit more often while in construction..silly me.




And finally, truth be told, the very first time I made this skirt was a year ago with some Vera Wang silk/wool. I did a really ghetto job on the hem for this guy. I also don’t know that this fabric and pattern combo was the best choice, but it made for nice winter holiday wear.


Oh and in case you are wondering, I have definitely made the pants too. Brief glimpse:


And that is all I have to show for Simplicity 3688.


4 thoughts on “Simplicity 3688

  1. Awesome-I like it that your kitty has an owl head in one of those shots! Could you retro-fit a lining into the denim version? Hand sewn to the waistband – it wouldn’t take you very long.

    • That’s a good idea, Mary! I’ve taken the lazy route and just been wearing a slip under the denim skirt, but you’re totally right – it really wouldn’t take much time to add in a lining

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