Simplicity 1606 and Kudos to LLadybird

This dress was made with a large thank you to my sewing idol, Lauren from Lladybird. If anyone out there is not currently stalking her blog as I do, you should. Lauren made a knockout By Hand London Anna dress with fabric from her local area (Nashville) that I loveeddd! She was kind enough to help me purchase a few yards of it myself so I could be a copycat. 🙂



Ladies and gentlemen..sparkly, fuzzy leaves!! It’s pretty great. Lauren’s best conclusion, which I would agree with, is that this is a silk organza. It is sheer with a nice amount of body to it. I know people tend to barf over the color combination of black and brown, but I can really dig it sometimes. I wanted to play up the combo in this fabric, so I actually used a brown satin for my underlay, can’t really tell. I added the brown ribbon around the waist so that I didn’t feel too defeated.



I didn’t add loops at the waistline for the belt (mistake) and I didn’t really want to tack to ribbon directly to the dress. This unfortunately results in me fiddling with the ribbon constantly to keep it in place (and looking kind of like a monkey). Example..




Not cute. When I wore this out to a party recently, I ended up taking the ribbon off mid-way through the night. Oh well. Anyways, this dress is made from Simplicity 1606. I had already made the pattern once as a homecoming dress for my boyfriend’s niece. I like the pattern, but Simplicity’s whole “Amazing Fit” line nonsense is whack. All of the side seams are meant to be sewn with an inch seam allowance so that I could “perfect the fit”, but that just seemed really unnecessary and not helpful to me. Plus, I kept forgetting about these larger seam allowances and sewing at 5/8ths and then getting irrationally annoyed. So if you sew this pattern, perhaps brace yourself to annoyed by stupid instructions (at least in my opinion).




I added a little bit of length to the bodice and hacked ~4 inches or so off the hem. The pattern only calls for a lined bodice, but I lined the entire dress with Bemberg rayon. I inserted the zipper in the back by hand and decided to add some beaded detailing. I’d never done this before, but I was pretty pleased with how it turned out. I love special detailing, especially in fancy dresses.






Check out that sparkle, guys.






And one more picture of me looking really dumb..








And Mr. Puff’s final look of approval before posting.


11 thoughts on “Simplicity 1606 and Kudos to LLadybird

  1. Oooh I love it! The fabric looks so good made up in that shape, makes me jealous that my dress doesn’t look like that too, with that nice full skirt 🙂 But yay for being dress twins! 😀

  2. That is a beautiful dress. I love the beads on back. Close-ups of your work and the fabric is a great idea. You just can’t see the detail in the full shots.

  3. I have a few questions. I’m actually looking to make this dress and the cover model dress didn’t impress me but I like yours. Did you change the underlay neckline to be scooped? Instead of sweetheart? And did you make your skirt fuller than the pattern showed. I love your skirt, the one on the pattern doesn’t look as full as I want mine. Thanks

    • So sorry for my late reply! I did not make many modifications to this pattern other than shortening it by a few inches. I left the neckline as is. My skirt turned out nice and full partially due to hacking off some length, but mostly due to my fabric choice. I used a fairly stiff organza for my overlay and underneath is a crepe back satin with significant body. You should give it a shot! I was underwhelmed by the model as well, but pleasantly surprised by the outcome!

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