Sew Caroline: Out and About Dress!

Let me start by saying Caroline from SewCaroline is an absolute a doll! Seriously, she has the cutest style ever so when she released her very own pattern, how could I not immediately buy it and make one for myself?! I can tell you for sure that this will not be the last Out and About dress that I make.


This dress pattern has a perfect name. It is super comfy and perfect for wearing around for any occasion. I’ve been absolutely swimming in knit fabrics’s making me feel almost boring, but mostly thrilled because knits are super easy and end up making super practical garments. Caroline really nailed it on this one – I think ladies will be strutting this around town all over.


This dress is technically a “muslin” because I used fabric that I didn’t care as much about to test out the fabric, but it turned out well so I am still going to wear it all of the time. I grabbed some gray interlock from Joann’s to make this. My plan is to eventually make it this up with a strawberry knit that I adore. Apparently I am just a mega copycat because Caroline has used a gray knit and the same strawberry knit to make this dress. I can’t help it though! I know what I like..and that’s some cute shit!


Also pockets – yes, please! Pockets are a great thing. I am going to be shamelessly honest and admit that I frequently omit pockets due to laziness..also they can be bit irritating with really lightweight fabrics if they don’t lie flat. I am glad that I made sure to add them on this dress. There is something really enjoyable about being able stick my hands in my pockets while I’ll standing around. (That sounds a little weird..)

I only have one small issue with this pattern. The bodice felt a little short for my taste. I am really picky about a dress bodice – I’ve got a pretty large chest to work with and I hate it when I feel I have no waist and a dress highlights straight from my chest  to my hips. I still think the front of the dress looks cute, but the side view is not quite as flattering as it could be. Other than that, the pattern was easy follow and fast to construct. I definitely recommend adding the topstitching along the neckband after stitching it on. My neckline did not lie flat until I did the topstitching. I used a straight stitch, but a longer stitch than normal so that it would allow for some stretch. Another note, I only turned the hem up one inch and left the edge raw. I kept the stitching line very close to the edge with my twin needle. I have found in the past that when I fold a knit over twice it tends to end up wavier.


Also, I kind of butchered the gathering in the back 😦 One side looks fine:


The other side looks pretty sad..I gathered it up so evenly, but then I went to stitch it in place and it apparently didn’t cooperate. I didn’t notice just how uneven it looked until after I had serged the seam. At that point, I just accepted the flaw.



Better luck the next time around, I suppose!



In conclusion, awesome job SewCaroline!


3 thoughts on “Sew Caroline: Out and About Dress!

  1. Absolutely love it! I don’t go for jersey knits as a rule, but this style is very figure flattering and looks comfy as well. I love the tips you gave about the neckline and hemline stitching. Very helpful.

  2. Super cute! I just bought this pattern, but I’m mostly a quilter and bag maker, so apparel is new for me. I also don’t know about fabrics other than cotton, but I am slowly learning. Looks great and thanks for the tips!

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