Kitschy Coo: Lady Skater Dresses

Ever checked out Kitschy Coo? It is awesome. Amanda has such a fun collection of unique and ..go figure..kitschy printed knits! I scooped up 4 yards of tiger print knit from her a few months ago after spying Lladybird’s dress. It didn’t take long for me to then join the Lady Skater pattern party.



Guys, this pattern is an absolute dream! Unfortunately, I don’t think I photograph very well in the dress…but I feel like it is flattering in person (hopefully), so I still love it. This was a quick and simple project that turned out just how I wanted. I love that there are sleeve options and the skirt has a perfect amount of flare.




If you were wondering, yes, this dress is made with fabric from Kitschy Coo! I am a sucker for colorful prints and I just love this one. It’s also available in an orange color way. This organic cotton jersey and has an ideal amount of stretch and body to it – none of that slinkiness that can make you feel self conscious. I will be honest, the fabric is a tad pricey, as it is coming from the UK, but the quality makes it well worth it. This short sleeved Lady Skater used just shy of 2 yards for me.




(Mann, I just realized that my left sleeve is flipped up in these pictures 😦 )

The construction is smart! You’re instructed to sew clear elastic into the waist seam when attaching the bodice to the skirt. This does wonders in preventing waist sag (no one likes that..). I sewed the entire dress with zigzag seams and finished all of my seams with my serger, but you could get away with only using a regular machine. The sleeves just pop right in with no fuss, as does the neckband. The instructions suggest topstitching the neckband down after attaching it, but I have not yet done so – the neckline lies flat, so I didn’t really feel like having a line of stitches showing. Also as an FYI, I cut a size 4 and made no adjustments (because it was that easy!!)




The back has a little wrinkling going on, but let’s look at that hem – I’m pretty proud of how flat that puppy lies. I used a twin needle and only turned the hem up once.






Guys, I RARELY sew a pattern more than once. This is only because I have an absurd number of patterns, so even if I love a finished project, I’m more inclined to spend my time sewing a new pattern that repeating one I’ve run through. That being said, I’ve made two Lady Skaters 🙂




This is actually the first version I made. I used a rayon/cotton blend knit from Mood. I’ve really enjoyed the pumpkin/burnt orange color. The fabric (particularly the skirt) tends to look a bit wrinkly after a day of wear, but it’s not breaking my heart.




Overall I think I like the 3/4 length sleeve better. There is also a long sleeve option, but I don’t think I’ll ever make it. I don’t really like long sleeves and whenever I wear them, I just push them up. Also I turned my hem up twice on this version and, as you see, the hem turned out a bit wavy..bad plan.




I am delighted by the combination of this dress color and leopard print. Can’t ever be mad at a little leopard print.







I’ve got a lot of weird faces going on in these pictures.

Now who’s ready to sew Kitschy Coo’s Trifecta top?!


4 thoughts on “Kitschy Coo: Lady Skater Dresses

  1. Hi, I was googling this dress with a view to making it – so impressed by how great it looks on you! I prefer the 3/4 sleeve version too,. I wondered about doing a short sleeved one that was a shorter version of the 3/4 – rather than the cap sleeve – if that makes sense. I’d also want to add about 4″ onto the length (though yours is perfect on you). Do you think a sewing novice (me) would be able for that? And how could I work out how much extra material to buy?

    • Thank you for such a nice compliment! I think a sleeve that falls somewhere between the 3/4 and cap sleeve length would look great! I imagine it would be pretty easy to use the 3/4 length piece and just take a few inches of length off the end. You could definitely add some length to the skirt – I like to add length in the middle of the skirt pattern pieces, rather than at the end so that I maintain the shape of the skirt better. I think this dress pattern is exceptional and great for beginners. I’m sure you could easily tackle the modifications.:) I would guess suggest somewhere between 1/4 – 1/2 yard extra of material. If you make it, I’d love to see the finished project!

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