Copycat Plans

Alright fellow sewers, how much time do you spend dreaming up ways to create your own versions of celeb styles and designer dresses? I obsess over this. It’s so fun to me – I can save money or just feel cool or both! I have been out of town and far away from my sewing room for several days. I figured since I don’t have a new finished project to share, I’d post some of my copycat brainstorming. Not sure where these grand plans will fall on my projects list, but it’s fun to have the ideas.


Sometimes Zooey Deschanel gets on my nerves, but I have to admit, I really love a lot of the clothes she wears. I’m not sure why everything she is styled in for New Girl is usually 4 inches too short, but this aside, she sports some cute looks. I’ve noticed she wears a lot by Dear Creatures – the dress above is one of their designs. It originally sold for ~$110. I plan to spend ~$15 bucks on a vintage inverted pleat dress pattern and adjust the neckline..then scoop up a few yards on navy cotton sateen from Mood and add in white detailing. Tada!


And we’ve got another Zooey Deschanel inspiration. 🙂 This is a dress from 500 Days of Summer. I think there were a lot of girls out there who fell in love with the clothes Zooey Deschanel wore in that movie. This is one of many of which I want to do a copycat version. Sewaholic’s Lonsdale dress will definitely fit the bill for the pattern! I found this Michael Miller cotton print from Hawthorne threads and felt that it channeled the look of Zooey’s dress..definitely not spot on, but a similar vibe.


Ok, ok – I promise this is the last Zooey Deschanel copycat. I’ve always loved this dress (you know, after being a creep and lurking the web to check out her fashion choices). I have actually made this Butterick dress pattern before, so it’s already in my stash! All I’d have to do is order some fabric from Mood, once again. I could use a chiffon overlay, but this dress has a nice casual feel too it, so I’d opt for a sheer baby blue cotton voile with a lightweight ivory cotton underneath. Adding the belt and a little rickrack, jaquard ribbon, and lace will give it the extra details I need.


Don’t even let me get my started on my romper love. I don’t care if some people hate them – I love a romper, playsuit, jumper, whatever you choose to call it. Check out this irresistable one the Rachel McAdams wears in the Notebook (um yeah, I like that that movie, so what?). That’s a 40s looks at its finest. Found a nice pattern to snag on Etsy – won’t take took much effort to add adjustments for a panel of white fabric. I’d ideally like the red print fabric to be a silk or challis so it has some softness to it. Found a cute cotton print on Etsy that would do, but I may keep searching for a fabric that will really nail it.

Ok, I could seriously keep this list going on and on for ages, but I’ve already spent way too much time making the above ghetto collages in paint. Get inspired and go create 🙂


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