Heart, Love: Butterick 4512 and Simplicity 1426


Give me a circle skirt dress pattern and heart print fabric and I am a happy lady! I made this dress last year, but nonetheless, let me introduce you to Butterick 4512!


This is definitely a full-blown retro look and it suites my taste very well. I’ve got a lot of curves and I find a dress style like this flatters them more than some of the modern styles going on. This pattern is part of the Butterick Retro line – reissued vintage patterns. I believe this particular pattern was originally from the late 50s. Unfortunately, even as a reissue, it is out of print again. I’m sure it could be found on Etsy or eBay.



As this picture clearly shows, the back is very low. Makes for a bit more sexiness, but it is very difficult to wear a bra with it. That being said, I knew at the start of this project that I would need to add some more built-in support to the bodice. It’s a fully lined bodice so I just sewed several strips of boning into the lining (at the side seams and along each bust line). This really helped out and I would recommend it too anyone with a fuller chest who wants to make this pattern. My only bone to pick with boning is that is becomes so misshapen after wear..and never really lies flat again. Maybe I need to upgrade the quality of my boning..or sew it in better..or maybe that’s just what you with boning.



I had some special times with fitting adjustments in the bodice. While I can do quite a lot on the sewing machine, fitting adjustments are still not my area of expertise. When I first sewed up the bodice, there was way to much excess/gape at the sides near the bust..I tried to fix it, but didn’t have a lot of patience with it..so I ended up with this..


YIkes. With my arms down, we’re good to go though!


I found this fabric on Etsy and ordered a ton of it. It’s 100% cotton and it is pretty stiff/not soft at all..but those hearts are just the cutest!!! The only downside about this print with a circle skirt is that on the back of the skirt, the hearts are upside down..wah wahh. There wasn’t much of a way around this, as it’s a unidirectional print, but it’s not ruining my life.


If there is anyone out there who doesn’t like a circle skirt, I don’t understand because look at how fun it is! You can twirl that puppy all day long! It’s also so feminine. Love love love!



The real treat for you today, I have TWO heart print projects!!


Simplicity just released this vintage reissue – 1426 – and I squealed with excitement over it! Woohoo vintage bra tops!!! Apparently everyone else is as excited as I am about this pattern because I had to go to three local fabric stores before I could find a copy. I mean, it’s a little inappropriate, but I can’t help it, I love it!


I am going to be shamefully honest..this top is not 100% done. I have not yet added the buttons on the back for a proper closure, so in these pictures it is just pinned in place. I haven’t posted a new project in quite awhile, so I didn’t want to wait any longer, but I am also sick (if you look close enough, you might notice my horrendous red nose). I mustered up the energy to take photos, but not to do any sewing/button making/button holing. I want to make fabric covered buttons that match the trim of this top.


See? Please don’t judge me 🙂

Oh, I made these shorts too from a genuine vintage pattern that I got on Etsy. The pattern had it’s own matching bra top that I tried to whip up, but it was a disaster – wayyyy too small to work on me. The shorts are made from a medium weight denim I got at Mood. I’ve worn them tons of times, so they are getting pretty worn in, but still looking decent enough.


This pattern was super fast and super easy. I had leftover red fabric and then a tinyyy bit of white fabric with red hearts in my stash, so I figured now was the perfect time to make them a combo. The instructions don’t call for it, but I added a lightweight interfacing to the band at the bottom for extra stability. I made a size 14, which is for a 36in bust. This worked well for coverage/cup size, but the band was too big, so it ended up overlapping quite a lot – I’ll shorten it the next go around.


The pattern does not instruct you to add cups (I’m sure you could though). My fabric is thick and stiff so I wasn’t worried about it. I used the same fabric for lining as well, so it’s quite sturdy. I doubt you could pull off a bra with this, but it’s reasonably supportive. I have not yet, but will be stitching the front overlap together so that it doesn’t gape open for a real show. No thank you.


I’ve got plans to make a second one with pink seersucker and I bought a vintage scooter skirt pattern (that is kind of ridiculous, but mostly awesome) to make in matching fabric. That’s going to be a fun time!


5 thoughts on “Heart, Love: Butterick 4512 and Simplicity 1426

  1. I bought this pattern right when it came out, never thinking I’d make it up…that it would just be nice to have in the collection. And then there was a pattern review and then I saw yours!!!!! 🙂 It’s SO stinking cute!

    So I cut out view C last night. All I have to do is sew the facings in place and turn my other strap (boooo). I need to get to making some high-waisted skirts and shorts! 🙂

  2. Just discovered your blog searching for a good review of simplicity 1426. I ended going straight to etsy to also get the butterick pattern. And maybe I also bought some of that zebra print you’ve used on another project 🙂 couldn’t help myself it was all just too pretty!
    I look forward to following your future makes.

    • I know my response is late, but I love this! I get so excited about other sewers’ projects and end up going on a hunt for the fabrics and patterns they used. I’m glad to see I am not the only one and I am happy to be sewing twins 🙂

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