Annie and Jeff Got Married!


My very good friend, Annie, just got married! Jeff is an awesome guy and they are of the sweetest couples I know. Sean and I took a road trip down to Winter Park, Florida to join in the merriment and I had such a good time. Annie was such a beautiful bride! I wanted to post a few pictures from the occasion – I wish I had more pictures to share.

To start off, as a wedding gift for Annie, I made her a dress, which she wore to her rehearsal dinner.


This is made from McCall 6833. I am going to be honest…I was not a very big fan of the pattern, but the finished project turned out well and Annie liked it, which is what mattered most. I used an embroidered mesh from Gorgeous Fabrics. It is not a stretch mesh and it was overall easy to sew. I underlined the mesh with a cream crepe back satin and then fully lined the dress with cream Bemberg rayon. I really didn’t like underlining the skirt. I am accustomed to handling mesh/lace/sheers as an overlay on a skirt so that it hangs freely. Underlining did not go as smoothly and I had trouble with it the layers of fabric laying flat together. I should have hand basted the pieces together, but I took the lazy/faster route and basted by machine. The pattern calls for a built-in ruffle to function as somewhat of a petticoat. I omitted this and instead used horsehair braiding along the hem, which worked just as well to give the skirt a nice fullness.


I regretfully did not get many shots of Annie wearing her dress, but I do have at least one (with me looking not so cute). The dress was a success, but the pretty lady wearing it was the real show-stopper.

The actual wedding day was perfect! Great weather, great ceremony, great food, the cutest flower girl, vows that made me cry. 🙂




Chris and Jessica were there, which was also a big treat for me because they rule and it was great to see them!


I managed to find one (and only one) picture of Sean and I from the weekend that I liked. I wore a dress from J Crew because I did not leave myself enough time to make a special new one. Why not add another dress to my overstuffed closet, right?




Annie made the best wedding cake topper I have ever seen. Seriously guys, is this not the cutest? I have already requested that she make one for me if I ever get married.



Jeff sang a song for Annie during the reception that made me cry, I did a lot of dancing, I caught Annie’s bouquet, and eventually Sean and I made our way back to the hotel, where I promptly ate a late snack of gas station pizza. Solid.


Congratulations to a wonderful couple!!




2 thoughts on “Annie and Jeff Got Married!

  1. It was so so awesome getting to hang out with you and Sean!!!! We seriously should have forced Annie to bring us to Antigua because being back in the real world is LAME. At least I get to see you in Cape Cod pretty soon!! P.S. I’m surprised you didn’t run into Chris at 711 post-wedding cuz he definitely picked up a burrito YUM

  2. AWW thanks for this amazing post!! I actually felt like I didn’t do your dress justice from rehearsal night pics so Jeff helped me with a superbly amateur shoot with my new camera that I’ll share with you! I cannot thank you and Jess enough for being the amazing people that you are – I so regret not sneaking you guys in my suitcase! ❤

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