Throw Some Zebras on Simplicity 2443

Kitstchy Coo ruled it once again with knit selections. This amazing zebra print fabric came into the mix and I snatched it up as soon as Amanda had it posted for sale. I LOVE IT!!!! This is a bold statement, but I might even like it a teeny tiny bit more than the tiger print fabric I purchased from the same spot.



Isn’t it super fun? It’s a cotton jersey and the orangey-yellow base color is one of my favorite shades against my skin tone. The three different knits that I have purchased from Kitschy Coo have all had a very similar hand and an ease for sewing. The only annoyance about this knit is that the edges roll like crazy and that can make matching up edges a bit more tedious. Otherwise, it’s a breeze to sew.


I loved how bold the print on this fabric is, but I did want a little something to break it up. I had some leftover pin dot jersey in my stash and thought that it matched well, so it was a nice addition to the bodice edge and to my sneaky pockets!


The pin dot knit is definitely stretchier than the zebra knit, but it still assembled well.

Let’s talk about the pattern. This is Simplicity 2443 and it has been in my stash for at least two years. I’ve always liked it,but it has always been just a tad too simple to really call out to me when plucking a pattern out of my crate. Once I had such striking fabric, I knew a simple pattern would be my best bet. I like the pattern as a finished project, but I definitely ignored some of the instructions. Number one, I left out the zipper because, hello! of the joys of sewing a knit is that is stretches and excess like zippers and buttons are not needed as frequently.


I also eliminated the interfacing in the waistband and neck/armhole edge. Interfacing prevented the stretch that I wanted for a simple pullover dress. The waistband is still sturdy as it has an extra layer and the bodice edging…well it stays in shape and we’ll hope for the best.



I like the racerback style a lot. It obviously requires a a strapless bra or bra with convertible straps (or let your bra straps hang out for all I care), but it’s a flattering style on pretty much anyone. I read a number of reviews for this pattern that mentioned quite a bit of difficulty in sewing the bodice edge (my pin dot fabric) onto the bodice. This made me nervous going in, but I really didn’t have any trouble. It is definitely important to clip your curves on the edging as you are pinning it to the bodice. As long you do that, it’s easy enough to ease the fit.


Check out those zebras!!!


I do wish that I had thought  ahead a bit more when cutting my bodice pieces so that I did not have a semi-decapitated zebra smack dab in the middle of my chest. Oh well, that zebra still has a good bod.


Overall, I wouldn’t say that I completely adored this pattern, but it was just what I needed for this amazing fabric and I am quite happy with the finished product.


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