Me-Made-May 2014 – Week 4!

I’m a little bit late on posting this round up, but that’s just because this long weekend is ruling so much! Yesterday I went to a pool party and left with two top priority goals in life – 1. get around to making some awesome swimsuits for the summer and 2. buy a house with a pool (haha…but really.. I want that. :D).

I made it through yet another week of no repeats and I’m pretty proud of that. I have spent quite a bit of time this month watching Lifetime movies and sewing up some awesome new items so I can’t wait to put them up on the blog. I also have another short week of work this week and a baller trip to Cape Cod to celebrate my dad and Suzanne getting married. The last week of Me-Made-May is going to be fancy and new!


Monday, May 19th

Pants made from Simplicity 3688

Cardigan from H&M

White tank top from Banana Republic (that you can’t see)

Flats from Target


I have used this Simplicity pattern for many projects and I really love it. It is simple and fast and I love the high waist. I can’t ever seem to take a photo of myself in these pants that I like, so sorry that you can’t see a full view.



Tuesday, May 20th

Top made from McCall 6069

This is boring.


This was originally a dress, but I made it with paper thin jersey (from Mood) and I also hemmed it way too short. My solution? Hack off my length and make it into a top. You can’t even tell what’s going on in this picture – I was thoroughly underwhelmed by my outfit that day.



Wednesday, May 21st (hahaha, didn’t realize how unflattering this picture was until I uploaded it. whoops)

Dress made from Butterick 5491

Cropped cardigan from Target

Mary jane heels from DSW



Thursday, May 22nd

Dress made from Vogue 1352

Belt from Target



Friday, May 23rd

Blouse made from New Look 6107

Denim skirt made from Simplicity 3688 (told you I liked this pattern :))

Wedges from Shoe Carnival


I made this blouse a long time ago and admittedly never wear it. The fit is not stellar .. I didn’t put a lot of effort into getting it just right. I also need to re-do the button situation because I would prefer buttonholes to loops. I LOVE the fabric though – it’s a cotton voile from Mood. I also never thought to pair it with a high waisted skirt like this (which is really stupid seeing as the pattern also includes a high waisted skirt…) and it looks way better tucked in. Maybe I’ll actually get more wear out of this guy now.



Saturday, May 24th

Nightie made from a vintage Simplicity 7910

(I wore real clothes for a few hours..but this was my main style for the day :D)



Sunday, May 25th

Dress made from Simplicity 2209

Flip floppin my way to a pool party



4 thoughts on “Me-Made-May 2014 – Week 4!

  1. I absolutely love love love your maxi dress and I don’t think the top you call boring is that at all 🙂 What fabric did you use for the pants/trousers in the first pic because I need to copy you!

    • Thank you!! I made my pants with a kind of weird fabric from my Mom’s old stash..unfortunately I don’t know exactly what it is, but it did end up working quite well with these pants. If I had to give it my best estimate, it feels like a medium weight tweed-ish fabric..I think tweed would work quite well in general for these. If you do make these pants, I want to see!

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