Me-Made-May-2014 – Week 5!

I wrapped up May in a great way and just got back from an awesome family weekend in Cape Cod! I admittedly did a really crappy job taking daily photographs of my me-made looks beyond mirror shots, but here’s a round up nonetheless. I’ve made quite a few new items and am looking forward to doing full posts for all of them soon. 🙂


Monday, May 26th (Memorial Day so I can dress in booty shorts!)

Shorts made from McCall 6965

American Apparel tank top



Tuesday, May 27th

Megan Nielsen Cascade skirt (love love love love)

Sweet 80s top that I snagged while shopping in Mom’s closet

Wedges by Moda



Wednesday, May 28th

Skirt made from New Look 6288

Urban Outfitter’s blouse

Target cropped cardigan



Thursday, May 29th – part 1

Zebra dress made from Simplicity 2443

Target cowboy boots



Thursday, May 29th – part 2

Dress made from Vogue 1207

Special guest: Sean (aka Bone)



Friday, May 30th

New Look 6288 – My only repeat of the month!!! 😦 😦 :(I blame the cool weather in Cape Cod)

Target tank top

Gap denim jacket



Saturday, May 31st

Dress made from Simplicity 2472

Gap denim jacket

Target cowboy boots





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