New Look 6288

I have been in the mood for a sassy and curve-hugging skirt lately. Sometimes that can be dangerous because it can end in a “feelin’ fat!” territory. I was wandering around Joann’s recently and came across this New Look maxi skirt pattern. I liked that it was quite fitted, rather than flowy. A few dollars and a few hours later, I had one sassy skirt.


I found this jersey at Joann’s as well. I usually find 98% of their knit prints completely hideous, but every now and then one drops in that calls my name. Successful execution of animal print? Count me in. I felt the fabric was a bit overpriced for what it is.. $14/yd, but luckily Joann’s has sales constantly, so I got it half off. It does feel wonderfully soft and it has just the right amount of stretch for this skirt.




I was also interested in this pattern because it looked hella easy and I wanted a fast project to whip up and throw into the mix for Me-Made-May. I don’t know if this skirt is super work appropriate, but I wore it to work in May anyways! 🙂 This entire project took maybe two hours total. I made absolutely no fitting adjustments and it is the easiest construction you could ask for. All I did was sew/serge the side seams, pop on the waistband and then add some wide elastic into the waistband case. I hemmed the skirt with a twin needle and then I immediately pulled it on to wear out to dinner.


I said I wanted something curve-hugging and let me tell you, I got a whole lot of that with this skirt. It is not a good idea to go eat pizza and drink beer in this skirt (I already tested this out). I do get a little self conscious of my stomach pooch from the side view, but not enough to prevent me from wearing the skirt. I like having it ride high on my waist to emphasize more of an hourglass figure, rather than just a lot of wideness.


You can also see my big ole booty a lot in this. If you want to make this skirt, be ready to share your butt with the world. Word to the wise, you definitely can’t pull off anything other than a thong in this puppy.

I leave you with a final weird looking action shot. Happy weekend!


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