McCall 6965 (Weaker Execution of Culottes)

Let me start by saying that I have important plans to sew the Megan Nielsen Tania culottes that EVERYONE looks so cute in. That pattern is rock solid and I have no doubts that I will love those culottes.

That being said, one recent weekend I wanted a quick, easy new project and I do not yet have a copy of the Tania culottes. McCall just released a number of new patterns that peaked my interest and one – McCall 6965 – really wants to be the Tania culottes, but is maybe not quite there. I had already purchased the pattern for $1, so I went ahead and tested them out so that I could have them as a comparison.


I almost love them, but not really. In true McCall fashion, they are absurdly short – on there verge of unwearable (this is the length straight from the envelope). In true Beth fashion, I did not make a muslin to test the length first or add length (obviously, that probably would have helped push me over the edge to land of love).


If we factor out the shortness, they are pretty cute, right? The  pattern was overall a breeze. There are four panels and a waistband, which takes out some of the voluminous flare that the Tania culottes seem to have. The directions instruct you to insert the zipper in the back, but I wasn’t following them closely and I made the assumption/decision that the zipper should go on the side. This turned out just fine and seems like it would be a bit more comfortable. I sewed a narrow hem for finishing.


I used a super soft cotton by Thakoon to make these bad boys. I think a lot of people snatched up this fabric from Mood months back when it was available online and it quickly disappeared from the website. Luckily, I went to Mood in NYC this winter while visiting and they had some available (woop woop!). This fabric does feel amazing – similar to a lightweight challis to me. It does wrinkle like a bitch, but I can live with that. I admittedly was quite bold using this fabric for a shorts pattern as it is a bit on the sheer side, but as long as I am wearing nude colored undies, I am good to go.


You can already see some serious wrinkles…and also how skanky they are!

Let me just say, my overall thoughts on this shorts/culottes style…a cool idea in theory, you know, looking like a skirt, but wearable like shorts..except I still have to behave ladylike as though I am wearing a skirt. Those leg openings are so wide that they can still give a really good show if you aren’t careful. Nonetheless, I still give the style a thumbs up – it’s fun!


This is a cool pose, right? Nope.


I also made the Megan Nielsen briar top and I really like it!! I was only all that interested in the cropped version and I can see myself making several. I made a size medium – it fits a bit loosely, but it’s comfortable. I enjoy the little sneak of skin the cropped version shows, but I have to admit, this style was a little tricky on me. My chest takes up so much space that I show my bra easily if I lift up my arms. My solution was to buy a lace bralette to wear that looks a bit nicer than a straight up bra showing.


Another aspect I like about this top is that the back extends down so it does not feel as exposing as most crop tops do. I noticed that Lauren from Lladybird knotted her Briar in the back to wear with her Cascade skirt and that looked great! I tried this out and it is another awesome solution for me to turn the front into a snugger fit so that there is not bra exposure.

I already have fabric ready to go for the Tania’s, so stay tuned! 🙂



3 thoughts on “McCall 6965 (Weaker Execution of Culottes)

  1. I’m so glad someone made these up so I didn’t have to be the guinea pig! These are the ones designed by Melissa Watson, who is the daughter of one of the Palmer/Pletsch fitting expert ladies. They are fitting/drafting gods as far as I’m concerned, except Melissa Watson definitely designs younger/hipper things. I’m amazed this is too short, since I’ve always found the Big 4 to be quite conservative with dress lengths…or maybe I’m just a skank. Anyway, you definitely have the legs to pull it off so I say they’re keepers!

  2. kind of curious about the notches on the inner leg which seem to be one notch on front panel and two notches on back panel – which does not make drafting sense. Should I go with my gut and match the inner back and front despite the notches not matching?

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