The Amazing Megan Nielsen Cascade Skirt

Oh man, I LOVE LOVE this skirt! Kudos Megan Nielsen – I never want to take this off!


I have been eyeing the Cascade Skirt for a long time and I am kind of ashamed that I am only just not making it. I even knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use for it and everything almost a year ago. I’ve seen many, many good versions of this pattern floating around the internet. I don’t often like a drastic high-low hem..I feel like it looks weird on me, but when Lauren from Lladybird posted her version and had shortened up the back, I was totally sold on the skirt.


This skirt is perfectly named – it is so floaty, flowy and babed out! I feel quite glamorous while wearing it. I made this with a paisley voile from Mood. I originally scouted it out online, but I ended up finding it in the store while in NYC. It is quite sheer, as voiles are, so I do wear a slip with it. The pattern provides directions for a lined version, but I was afraid I wouldn’t like it as much that way. It’s 60in fabric, but I only ended up buying 2.5 yards and it was plenty for cutting a medium with some length off the back.


Speaking of the length, I hacked about 4.5 inches off the bottom. I have to be honest, I felt kind of retarded trying to evenly shorten the back of this hem due to it being high-low. I definitely didn’t want to take any length gone from the front, but my original shortening in the just back looked a bit whack at first. I ended up lying the skirt out flat on the ground and evening it out a bit. 🙂 You can definitely see my slip big time hear..I wish the fabric was just the tiniest bit more opaque, but oh well.


Well this shot is nice and blurry, but just picture how much I can make this puppy twirl! Let me also take this time to point out that this pattern was so easy! and fast! My two favorite things. It’s only three main pieces and then a waistband. I used french seams for the side seams since they can be seen a bit. The narrow hemming was a bit tedious, but cotton voile is super easy to press in place, so at least it was simple to handle.


I recently found a basket of buttons on sale at Joann’s and I went a bit crazy – there were some buttons that originally sold for $8 and were marked down to $2! Woo hoo! This set was part of my loot. They are fun wooden ones and stand out nicely against my fabric.


Let’s talk about the closure of this skirt in general because that is the only thing that needed a bit of an adjustment for me. The front pieces do not overlap QUITE enough for my comfort. If I’m just standing in place, all is well, but if I am walking around, the front has a tendency to open up and overexpose. I will point out that I may have not helped this matter by taking up an inch versus 5/8in on the side seams. Why did I do this? Because I assumed I should cut a medium due to my overall medium build, but when I actually read the measurements for a medium, I worried it might be a bit too big. Guess I shouldn’t have assumed I was so thin, haha! Anyways, I needed to add to discreet snaps at the overlap area so that the skirt stays shut.


The skirt is definitely designed for a long-legged lady. I fortunately do have quite long legs, but you can see here how close the hem is getting to my ankles even with 4.5 inches removed. Look at how it cascades though!! Loveee.


Aren’t you glad I am wearing my Briar top AGAIN?! Head to toe Megan Nielsen! I am currently making a pink Briar and plan to wear it with everything as well. The two pieces really do make an awesome combination.


Three cheers for the Cascade Skirt



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