Papercut Patterns: Rite of Spring (Pinup) Shorts


I have two things to admit to you: 1) I have loved this pattern for a long time, but was scared to make it because the shorts looked SO short. 2) Once I finally made these, I was relieved (or maybe I should be horrified) to discover that I’ve definitely worn skimpier shorts before.

I am so glad I finally made this pattern! I think all sewing bloggers out there were drooling over Lladybird’s version when she made them last year. I don’t think I rock them quite to the same level of ultra babe as she does, but I was still pleased with the end result.


First of all, thank you to Papercut Patterns for allowing ladies to feel slim! 🙂 I am not a tiny build, but by their sizing, I cut myself a size small and they still ended up a little big. I will also mention that I actually made a muslin for these shorts!! My lazy butt rarely does this, but I was feeling super unconfident about how these shorts would look on me and shorts in general tend need a lot of fiddling with (curse the crotch seam), so I decided it was worth my time to do a test run.

The muslin was definitely a good idea, but in the end I didn’t make many adjustments. Fitting these shorts was a little strange. My test run made me worried about the crotch seam because it seemed maybe a little too short or maybe not enough of a curve.. I traced the patterns pieces, hacked them up, added length, added curve, etc. and sewed a new muslin and that just made the fit worse. Bahaha, fail. So, at the end of the day, I ended up cutting the straight size small, but taking a little extra allowance in along the front middle seam and stopping before the crotch curve. Somehow this ended up working well enough, despite it not making much sense to me at all.


This fabric is an Oscar de la Renta cotton twill from Mood. This a fairly lightweight twill, which was ideal for the pattern. This fabric also has quite a bit of stretch, which was not really ideal for me and this pattern. With the added stretch of the twill, the shorts ended up feeling overall a tad too big. I think it is interesting that the print is described as floral on Mood’s website. I think it looks more like bows and that drew me in. I did have a moment of panic half way through the project that my shorts were looking like some weird board shorts you’d buy at that horrible store that I used to think was cool, PacSun.



The butt seam still looks a little bit off. I really love the shape of these shorts though. The back hem facings give a nice extra bit of structure, which helps give the cute little flip on the sides. The shorts *feel* really exposing while wearing, but extended back hemline does a surprisingly good job at keeping things covered up. I am kind of disappointed that my piping gets pretty lost in the busy fabric because I think it is a really cute detail.


The high waist and shortness definitely make me feel quite pinup style and I am onboard.


I made my crop top as well, but it doesn’t work too well for me. It looks cute if I stand and do nothing, but the second I lift my arms up, half of bra is on display. Also the bust seams? Hahaha, nope, those aren’t falling in right spot at all. Whomp, whomp. In any case, it’s a vintage pattern – McCall 4488.



My final note – Papercut Patterns has the best packaging ever and that alone makes me want to buy more patterns. Add on that fact that I had a great first experience and I am sold!


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