Closet Case Files: BOMBSHELL!

Ta-da! I made my first swimsuit!!


Sorry, I am only willing to post one picture of myself so scantily clad on the internet. The cruel lighting of my sewing room does not give me any additional motivation.

This project was so intimidating to me that it took me a year to dive into. I saw so many good versions sewn up last summer, but I was still a little pansy about it. I think all sewers are a bit scared to step into swimwear, but we shouldn’t be. After sewing this, I’ve decided I love swimwear and have already made TWO more suits!

Heather from Closet Case Files has a great sew along posted for the Bombshell suit. It helped me tremendously. I cut this in a straight size 10. I am really tall, but have a proportionally shorter torso, so I did not add any length. Once I finished the suit, I felt a bit fat because it takes a quite a bit of wriggling and tugging to get on and off, but once the suit is situated in place, it fits comfortably.

The sewing process was actually overall very straightforward and painless..except for all of that freakin gathering – boringgggg, but it just looks so awesome. I used 3/8in cotton swimwear elastic. I DEFINITELY recommend adding tension to the elastic around the top. I added a tiny bit, but didn’t think gaping would be an issue since I have a larger chest. I was wrong and I ended up adding a tuck near each strap to keep the suit lying flat against me. I will also note that I did not add any cups to this suit. I am a 34DD and cups never fit properly anyways. This suit provides enough support as is for me, so that made everything easy.

I did make a dumb mistake while cutting out this pattern and did not space things out properly ..this resulted in not having enough room to cut my crotch piece on the fold. Oops!! I was very limited in my fabric yardage, so I just had to create a seam right down the middle of the crotch…ended up working out alright.

I bought my fabric from The Fabric Fairy last summer – it is the best and sadly no longer available. They have a ton of great swimwear fabric this season though, so I recommend checking it out.



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