Rite of Spring, Round 2

I loved the Papercut Patterns Rite of Spring shorts so much that I went ahead and cranked out a second pair!


Introducing the chambray linen version! Because who doesn’t love chambray?


I bought this chambray linen from Hawthorne Threads. I had never ordered fabric from this site before, but man oh man, they could burn a major hole in my pocket. SO MANY GOOD FABRICS!!! I was overwhelmed in a good way by all of the choices. Needless to say, this chambray is definitely not the only fabric I purchased. 🙂 Also, shipping costs are really reasonable (within the US at least) and delivery was fast. What more could you ask for?


There’s not a lot of new information to report on the construction. I made these up the same as the first time – cut a size small and made no alterations. This time I left out the piping, but I added in topstitching to make it look more like denim. This time I hand sewed the zipper rather than doing it on the machine. It came out looking a bit nicer, but I am still combatting a bit of a pucker at the end of the zipper. Butt problems.



The waistband doesn’t lie flat against me, which kind of annoys me, but I haven’t made much of an effort to resolve this issue. Because the fabric is really lightweight, it also wrinkles quite easily and quickly, but oh well.

Also, in case you didn’t already pick up on this, I am on a mission to wear crop tops as much as possible this summer. I feel that I am really succeeding at this. I am wearing another Megan Nielsen Briar here. I made some careless cutting choices with this knit and did not utilize the stretch very well, but I still wear this all of the time. I almost always knot the back when I wear the Briar. I love the shape of it unknotted, but it shows my bra too easily if I wear it loose.



And my grand finale…a picture that looks like I am smelling my arm pit! Happy Monday!



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