April Rhodes Arizona

Whoops, it’s been a quite a stretch since I’ve last posted. I’ve just been so busy lounging on the beach, drinking cocktails, and enjoying summer. 🙂

The top that I am showing you today is not awe-inspiring, but the fabric? Hell yes. April Rhodes is a really cute indie pattern designer and all-around sewing inspiration. She now has a line of fabrics that I absolutely love. Welcome, Arizona, Desert Blanket:


Her whole fabric collection makes me drool, but I loved the Desert Blanket the most so I had to scoop it up immediately. It’s a lightweight cotton – nothing fancy, but feels nice and it’s cotton, so it is a breeze to work with. I ordered this from Hawthorne Threads. If you haven’t checked out this site, prepare to be joyfully overwhelmed with a huge supply of fabrics (mostly cotton, voiles, knits) from many different designers. Needless to say, while ordering my Arizona fabric, I also added another $80 worth of other selections to my cart. Their shipping is cheap and fast too – bonus!!


As you can see, the front of this top is nothing all that amazing – kind of just looks like a box and to be honest, the neckline is too wide, but check out the back..


A bit more interesting now, right? This is McCall’s 6751. McCall patterns always win at having the most hideous modeling, but if you can get past those horrifying pictures, they can bust out some cute (albeit trendy) styles. I’m underwhelmed by the fitting of this pattern…as in, I don’t think any effort went into it at all, however, the entire construction took about an hour. I am always a fan of instant gratification.



Overall, this shirt is loose and therefore comfortable, but the back makes it feel more flattering than a sack. I wear a sports bra with it, which is covered up..most of the time..and that’s good enough for me. The crossed back doesn’t lie as flat against me as I would find ideal, but oh well. I’d probably sew this top again because it is easy and only requires ~1 yd of 45in fabric.




I hope I have sold all of you on April Rhode’s Arizona line. I am currently practicing a small amount of self restraint and halting my fabric purchases for a month as I work my way through some of my stash. First on the list of purchases after this month is up? Arizona’s Arid Horizon to make into the Alder Dress by Grainline Studios. Bye bye money forever.


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