Simplicity 1426 – Round Two


I am all onboard with these vintage bra tops. Appropriate level may be questionable, but I don’t care. I do tend to wear a cardigan with this, but not always. Sometimes I just want to wear a bra as a top!


I decided to go with seersucker on this one and I am very happy with this choice. The lighting in my pictures is pretty crappy and does not do the fabric much justice. If there is one thing to know about me, it is that I really love pink. I love pink, I love bows, I love vintage style, and I love to sometimes dress like a giant 5 year old.

Anyways, the fabric worked perfectly – just the right weight. I had quite a bit of it, so I used it for the lining as well.



This time around, I made version B of the pattern. I have to say, I like it a tiny bit more than version A, which I made in red heart fabric. I found B more comfortable and I don’t have to fiddle with it quite so much while wearing it out and about. The back band on version A has a tendency to slide down on me. It is admittedly a quite revealing top, but it at least has substantial support.


I love the crossed straps! I had to take them up about an inch or so in order to fit properly. I think that ideally, the straps should have landed further apart in the back, but I had to take out a LOT of excess in the back band again. Due to order of construction, my back straps were already tacked in place when it came time for shortening the back band. Oh well, it doesn’t cause any problems for me.

The instructions did not call for interfacing on the bottom band or the straps and I wish I had interfaced them all anyways. I recommend this to anyone else for more stability.


The instructions call for a button closure in the back and that is what I did for my first version. For this version, I just  used 2 sturdy hook and eye closures. It doesn’t look as pretty, but I find it more comfortable and it actually feels lore secured than my buttons felt.


I have enough fabric left to make a cute and simple gathered skirt to match. I started it and made a dumb mistake, so it’s sitting in the shame corner of my sewing room. I would love to get it it done eventually so that I can officially say I participated in Sophie’s Two Piece Setacular going on over at Ada Spragg. She is such a babe and let me tell you, that girl knows how to kill it with the two piece sets!!


And that is that! It’s momentarily convenient that NC is hot as hell so that I can wear such summery clothes through September. I’m going to have to transition into fall projects soon though.


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