Simplicity 2444 in the Kitchen

Shame, shame, shame on me! I have really fallen off the bandwagon with new posts and I hate when that happens with the sewing bloggers that I follow. The good news … I have about 7 new projects to put up here and I am finally taking photos of them so I can get things up an running again. 😀

First on the list: Simplicity 2444 in this freaking awesome/hilarious Michael Miller Home Ec print.


I love the ridiculous retro vibe and the fact that there are a bunch of bitches making cakes on my dress. And bonus, I also love the color yellow! Let me just come clean from the start… I completely copied the fantastic Roisin from Dolly Clackett and her version in this same fabric.. Go check her out because she looks awesome and then try to tell me that you don’t want to copy her just like me.


I ordered this fabric from Ladybutton Fabrics. Don’t really remember how I stumbled across this site, but I definitely give it a great recommendation. There is large assortment of fun prints and some great Michael Miller options that are hard to find other places. Prices are standard and shipping was fast. A+!


As I said, I used Simplicity 2444, which has been in my stash for years now. It’s a fairly basic pattern, but I was quite happy with it. I liked that the pleating was even in the front and back (I hate when there is more subtle pleating in the back because I feel like it makes my butt look weird. Just saying). I serged all of my seams and did not line the dress at all – I just wear a half slip to avoid any show through. This was a decent pattern to select for this fabric, as the bodice is not broken up other than a few darts. I’m not trying to hack up all my ladies.

Side note: I am SO disappointed with these shoes. They are Mel by Melissa and they are mega cute, but they get horrendous black marks on them just by me looking at them. I’ve only worn them out ~3 times and they look like a train wreck now. Not cool.


I got my skirt to stand out so nicely by using horsehair braid. I love the effect when I am just standing still, but sadly, it crumples into a hot mess in the back when I wear it all day and sit down a lot. 😦 I may end up taking out the braiding and just wearing a petticoat. I don’t think I would love this dress in the same way if it just hung flat.

I also kind of screwed up the fitting around the neck/shoulders area and the neck doesn’t lie completely flat in the front, but I’m not going to cry about it. I did machine  stitch my zipper on this guy, which I rarely do. I’ve always been one to hand stitch zippers, but sometimes it’s nice to save time. I’m beginning to embrace machine stitching for casual wear.


Nice and blurry..




Three cheers for cake. I don’t have any cake, but I do have cookies, so I am going to bring this post to a wrap and go eat treats.

I promise I’ve got some really exciting new makes soon to follow. Hope everyone has a Happy Halloween. I got on such a dress making stride that I didn’t bother to make a costume. I just bought a reallllly cheap looking Katniss costume. Jealous?



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