Sew Caroline: Out and About Dress, Shameless Copycat #2

I raved about the SewCaroline Out and About dress when I made it up the first time around. Needless to say, after making a second version, I still love it just as much!


You know what else I apparently love? Copying Caroline. I copied her gray version of this dress and now her strawberry print version. Let’s just go with the imitation is the sincerest form of flattery route. But really, these strawberries are damn cute! I couldn’t resist.


I won’t bore you by repeating my details of construction, other than saying once again, this dress is a piece of cake to make with very satisfying end results. I finished this in a day.


And this time around, I did a much better job on the gathers in the back. Hallelujah!


I ordered this fabric from Hawthorne Threads, a site I now lurk all of the time. It’s a Heather Ross design and there is a version with pink strawberries as well. It’s not the softest fabric in the world, but it still feels like decent quality. I will point out that it does not have a huge amount of stretch..the arm cuffs are actually a little bit snugger than I’d like. It’s also 45in fabric, which is fairly uncommon for knits – just means I got to spend more money because I needed more yardage. Lucky me.


On an unrelated, but important note, can we all just ignore the fact the my hair has grown into complete troll status. I really, really need to trim up the ends. Good night, they’re scary. Speaking of trolls…


Mr. Puff wanted some glamor shots.


I hope my two versions of the Out and About dress have helped convince you to buy the pattern too! At least go check out SewCaroline. 🙂


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