Grainline Studios: Alder Dress, Version B

Just in case you didn’t get enough of the Alder dress in my last post, here’s a second version for your viewing!



As much as I loved Version A, I think I love Version B even more. I think the gathers at the waistline create a more feminine look. It is casual and comfortable and, while there is a bit more of a defined waist, it is still loose fitting. It’s also hella short .. this is due to my limited yardage of this gorgeous fabric. I cut this dress in a size 8..I was short ~1/2 of a yard of fabric from what the pattern lists, but I was determined to make it work. I took out ~2 inches of length from the skirt/front pieces in order for all of my pieces to fit. For this version, I removed length from the center line as suggested for adjustments. That’s usually the smarter plan..although when I shortened up Version A, I just hacked it off the bottom. The dress definitely turned out shorter than I ideally wanted, but the back is longer and still provides plenty of coverage.



I have become very fixated on button down shirts and dresses. I like the finishing techniques – everything looks so clean and precise. I also don’t loath adding buttonholes as much as I used to, which helps. While I used flat felling where possible in my first Alder, I mostly serged the seams in this version. I did find the corner seams where the gathered skirt meets the front panels a little fiddly. I didn’t get as sharp of corners as I wanted, but oh well.




This fabric was another one of my many purchases from Hawthorne Threads. It’s an Anna Marie Horner design and I believe it is available in another color way. I absolutely love this print. I considered many different projects for it, but I am glad I finally decided to use it for the Alder. I think they pair together very well. This dress also looks good with brown tights and a sweater, which is important considering it is getting cold fast.

I didn’t put a ton of effort into print placement. I just tried to make sure the roses would fall fairly evenly on both sides in the front. Oh, you also may have noticed that I have not put pockets on either version of this dress..I thought both fabrics were a bit busy and I just felt fairly apathetic towards the pockets, so I nixed them.



Hooray Grainline Studios! I’m also happy to say that I have just gotten approval to take two weeks of vacation time for the Christmas holiday!!! Guess who will be sewing a lot of new things..I’ve already started out of control fabric purchases 🙂


2 thoughts on “Grainline Studios: Alder Dress, Version B

  1. Love how you dealt with the fabric shortage. Despite the shortness in front, the dress looks really sweet, especially from the side.

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