Holiday Sewing

I love the holidays and with that, I love holiday clothing and accessories. The annual display of sparkles, sequins, and colors of red, silver, gold, and green is always exciting. I never get tired of it. My favorite part is planning out all of my new sewing projects for the season.

December – January tend to be pretty jam packed with holiday parties for me – work Christmas parties, several annual friend Christmas parties, the biggest Christmas party of all thrown by the Buchanan’s, Sean and my anniversary, New Year’s Eve, and my birthday! That’s a lot. And in true Beth fashion, I usually want new dresses for every occassion. That is not very reasonable, so I try to have a mix of new projects and recycled projects from past years. Here’s a look at some previous hits:


Holiday Makes 2013: Bow Dress – Colette Patterns, Chantilly Dress.

Never blogged this guy. I have to say, overall, I was not thrilled with how the Chantilly fit me. While it looks great on others, I didn’t find it excessively flattering on me and it was too snug in the bust. That hem was also a bitch to sew with this silk fabric..not my finest work.


Holiday Makes 2011: Butterick 6175. Why did my 24 year old self think this length looked appropriate?


Holiday Makes 2011: New Look 6049. Again with the length… I got this super fun fabric from Gorgeous Fabrics. There is some really great stuff on this site. I’ve definitely given a lot of money to it.


Holiday Makes 2012: Simplicity 1873


Holiday Makes 2011: Vogue 1122


Holiday Makes 2013: Leaf Dress – Simplicity 1606

Here’s an introduction to my project list for 2014 (and the start of 2015)! Some have already made there debut and some have not yet hit the scene. All will be blogged soon! 🙂


Papercut Patterns Saiph Tunic: Floral Silk
Butterick (vintage find on Etsy): Crimson red velvet with cream silk bow
Simplicity 1609: Baby pink wool suiting with cream lace collar
Simplicity 2269 (vintage find on Etsy): faux fur!

Here’s a sneak peak at my stole. Sewing fur is a little stressful and messy, but the end product is fun and glamorous!


More pictures and glam soon to follow. Sean gave me a new camera for Christmas, so things are going to look pretty good up in here. Happy holidays!


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