I’m Alive! And I’m Wearing Faux Fur!

I have finally crawled out of my cave of laziness to share new sewing projects and bring my simple little blog into 2015. I have at least 10 new projects to get posted. While I’ve completely ignored the blogging component, January was a really productive sewing month! This post is honestly not very exciting, but at least it’s something.

My boyfriend bought me a new camera for Christmas so can I get a hell yeah for quality improvement?Can I also get a hell yeah for faux fur because I’m all about it in 2015!

Fur project number 1: a vintage stole! (but I didn’t make anything else I am wearing..). I ordered this pattern from Etsy and it’s super old and falling apart, but it is super rad. I specifically wanted a luxurious fur stole to pair with my holiday dresses. I actually bought supplies last year and ran out of time. I’m glad I finally whipped it up this year because it is really fun to wear.

Construction was fairly simple overall, but cutting fur was kind of a nightmare. I got fur everywhere..EVERYWHERE. Sewing fur on the machine is a little frustrating due to the pile, which causes shifting. The one perk is that fur easily disguises some sloppy sewing, whoop whoop! I did make one fairly large and definitely moronic mistake by accidentally cutting the two outer edge panels of the stole with the nap going in the wrong direction. It isn’t hideously noticeable to the eye, but it does bother me.

I lined this with a (cheap and crappy quality) faux suede from Joanns. It ended up being a nice choice because it had a decent amount of body and structure. This stole required a hell of a lot of hand stitching ..there is enough to keep you busy through a lot of episodes of Friends. The instructions call for you to bind the bottom edge with bias tape by hand and then insert the ENTIRE lining by hand. This stole may look small, but inserting the whole lining by hand was pretty boring. Nonetheless, I think it was worthwhile because it yielded a polished finish.

I purchased the faux fur from Mood last year (I don’t think it is available anymore). I’ll be honest, when it first arrived in the mail, I hated it. It has a red tint to it and it vaguely reminds me of orangutan fur. After looking at it long enough, it did grow on me and it grew on me even more once I actually made the stole. Faux fur is pretty pricey – this was one of the cheapest options and it was $25/yard. Luckily I only needed 1.5 yards.

I hope I’ve successfully convinced everyone that faux fur stoles are cool. I wore this to a few Christmas parties and it definitely got passed around for guys and ladies to wear.

You may have thought that is all the faux fur I could possibly need in my wardrobe, but that is incorrect… 🙂

Faux fur project number 2: a vest! This is a Burdastyle PDF pattern that I downloaded. I wouldn’t exactly rave about the pattern as there is not much to it, but it did the trick. It’s super basic, but I wanted something simple since the fur is a statement in itself.

The vest turned out significantly bigger than I expected, but I don’t really mind. I wanted it to be a simple, lose fit and now my guy friends can try on my vest as well as my stole! (…this has already happened).

I lined this in plaid flannel, which I thought was so clever because it would be extra warm and look cool. Hahaha it wasn’t clever at all, it was kinda stupid because all of the loose fur sticks to every inch of it. Oh well. I can’t win them all. Unlike my stole, the lining was mostly inserted by machine and then I turned it and finished of the last edges by hand. I admittedly did a rather sloppy job, but again, fur is forgiving.

I also purchased this faux fur from Mood and just got it ~ a month ago. Unfortunately (if you like it and want to be my twin), it may already be unavailable as well. This cut is a bit higher quality and feels nicer, but it was $49/yard! I justified paying this much because I only needed a yard..but it still made me cringe a little.


In grand conclusion, I am definitely not down with sewing or wearing real fur, but faux fur is a sassy little treat for your wardrobe.


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