Papercut Patterns Saiph Tunic

Have I told you yet how much I love Papercut Patterns? Some of my favorite indie pattern designs out there!


Behold, the Saiph tunic! When I first saw this pattern, I thought it was cute, but I didn’t put it at the very top of my “to make” list. My initial mindset was that it wouldn’t be all that flattering on me, but when I started on my daydreaming train of how I would make the pattern, I became more convinced that I might like the style.


I pushed this pattern closer to the top of my project list because I was dying to finally use this pretty fall floral silk. I bought the fabric at Mood while I was visiting NY over a year ago and it has been sitting patiently in my cabinet ever since. I could not settle on a suitable pattern for the life of me. As much as I love silk, sometimes it is hard to figure out what to do with it. I finally had an epiphany and realized the Saiph would be a great choice, as it would create a wearable item that wasn’t too fancy.


I loved this final product even more than I could have guessed. Let me warn you though…this puppy is SHORT! It is definitely a tunic, not a dress. I had planned to wear it mostly with tights/leggings and still happily do so, as you see pictured. It definitely does not keep my bum covered all of the time though… I tend to feel a bit more comfortable wearing it over a pair of straight legged jeans. If I made the pattern again, I’d add several inches of length to it.

On that same note, I would probably add a tiny bit of length to the sleeves if I made this again as well. I’m not too bothered by the length, but they are a little too short.


Ya’ll like how I’m embracing my blacks and browns together? No shame there. That fabric mixes black and brown, so you’d better believe I’ll keep it going with my tights and boots.



Construction went smoothly for the most part. The pattern is only made up of a few main pieces. I used french seams everywhere and used my rolled hem foot to finish the circle skirt edge. I will say that I was mildly horrified when I first attached the circle skirt. It was hanging very unevenly and looked like a hot mess. I let it hang overnight, trimmed it up a bit and then embraced the floaty style of this tunic and didn’t worry too much if the hem still looked a little uneven…


My skill with a rolled hem foot is hysterically bad. Yikes. Thankfully the floral print managed to hide the fact that I didn’t do a very good job, but trust me when I say it is not very professional.


I made this back in November and fell shamefully behind on posting new projects. Nevertheless, I have worn this almost every week since I finished it. Papercut love!


2 thoughts on “Papercut Patterns Saiph Tunic

  1. It is lovely. I also find it very hard to hem circle skirts. I just do my best and try not to go over it too many times. P.S. I love your blog because it starts with a “b” and ends with “itches”.

  2. I love this! Such a nice fabric choice! I’m in the process of making a Saiph as well. I’m more into the straight hem option, but your version makes me want to try a circle skirt hem really badly!

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