Papercut Patterns Rigel Bomber


If I haven’t sold you on Papercut Patterns yet, let me try again. Check out the Rigel bomber! An awesome jacket that can be made up in a variety of fabrics for winter, spring, or fall? Yes, please! I have been all about this pattern since it came out and I am so glad I finally made it.


I have visions of making this more than once, but as my first go around, I made a winter style. I had been drooling over this plaid wool coating from Mood f-o-r-e-v-e-r and I thought the Rigel bomber was its match made in heaven. This plaid could go in somewhat of a preppy direction, which could be cute, but that’s not what I was going for. The bomber style brought more of a 70s vibe to the table and that delights me.



Honestly, this pattern is a piece of cake to sew – bonus! It does not require a lot of fabric, there are not very many pieces, and the steps are all very straight forward. I opted for the PDF version (even though I often loathe assembling them) to save a few bucks. I knocked out most of this project AND an SJ tee in one weekend. I was on a roll in January!


I was happy with the instructions and patterns pieces….the only bone I have to pick is with the welt pockets. Inserting the welt pockets was way less intimidating than I expected, but the shape of the pocket “bag” is pretty awkward and my hands don’t really fit in them very well. 😦 I would rework the pocket shape next time, but like I said, inserting these puppies was no big deal – it’s very well explained in the instructions.



My other small issue was with the length of the sleeves. Ya’ll, I really don’t have wide shoulders, but for some reason the sleeve length on all Papercut Patterns is a little too short on me. I did not make a muslin of this first, so I just had to deal with the short length. I could have widened the sleeve cuffs, but I didn’t think that was very attractive. My easiest solution is just to push the sleeves up and then it’s all my little secret.


I used a ribbed knit for the trim that I had in my stash…came from Mood (surprise, surprise) a long time ago. The color works very well, but it’s not very sturdy and it’s a bit too stretchy. I am sad because I didn’t end up pulling the neckline trim tight enough and now it gapes. Maybe I’ll fix that one day…probably not. Maybe I’ll also fix my less than perfect plaid matching at the zipper too…it’s making my eye twitch right now.


I fully lined the jacket because the wool is itchy as hell. I had this lining lying around from making my boyfriend a luxurious bathroom and I really liked it paired with this plaid. My lining insertion was maybe not that logical and I can’t explain it very well. I failed at fully bagging it, but I made it work somehow. I still ended up hand stitching the facings down onto the lining.


I got rather picture happy for this most. Probably because I am so happy to be wearing this sweet jacket! Whoop, whoop!


I’ll leave you with this butt shot. Happy weekend!


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