Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse

I am pretty ashamed that I am only just now joining the Sewaholic Patterns party. Tasia has designed so many good patterns and I’ve had my eye on them all, but I am only just now experiencing the magic. Secretly, I did sew the Renfrew first earlier in February, but for today, behold the Belcarra blouse!


This top is super simple, but flattering and easy to wear with a lot of things. I really like that it is a bit shaped at the sides and tucks in slightly at the waist for an added feminine touch. I am a fan of wearing shirts that aren’t super fitted, but I’m not trying to look like a box. I also enjoy the wide neckline, but you do have to be careful with your bra straps.


I sewed this up in an afternoon and, as always, thoroughly enjoyed the instant gratification of an easy project. Construction was really straight forward and involved nothing complicated. The sleeves are finished with cuffs and the neckline has a bias bound finish. I turned my hem up a total of 2 inches (I think the patterns suggests 1.5 inches). I like my shirts hitting just below the waist of my pants and do not like a really long length.

One main word of caution – this top is pretty tight in the bust area. I ended up letting out my side seams a bit to give myself some extra room. I cut an 8 thinking I’d have more than enough room and I did everywhere except across the bust.



This fabric has a really fun print, but it is absolute crap material. I bought 2 yards of it for $5 off of Etsy, so I have no regrets, but it almost feels like a thin plastic tablecloth. It was described as “rayon challis”.. hahahaha. Nope. I was hoping that this would end up as a more draped version because of the “challis”, but that didn’t really turn out quite to the extent that I’d wanted. It’s still fun though, right? I guess I sort of tried to match the chevron print at my seams, but only half heartedly..


I thought you might want to see this puppy tucked in as well, so I threw on a denim skirt that I made quite awhile back. It works well as a tuck! This makes me wish it was warmer outside.



Since this top is really simple and my recurring Gap jeans are boring, I will spice things up a little by sharing a SECOND Belcarra blouse!!


I’m still in my boring Gap jeans, but check out this fabric!!! Also, I just bought those shoes and I am pretty stoked about them. Oh and I changed my lipstick color for you because I am just that thoughtful. I was having a little trouble getting my camera to focus, so sorry I’m looking a little fuzzy in some of these shots.


I purchased this fabric from the ever faithful Mood. This was described as a slubbed cotton voile… My mind wanted to believe that slubbed would mean soft and drapey (kind of like those amazing Thakoon cottons prints that were a hot item a year or so ago) and to be fair, that’s what the description says on the site. Unfortunately, this is not actually drapey at all and even after a wash, it just felt like regular old cotton voile. Good quality, mind you, but not quiteee what I was expecting.

Nevertheless the print RULES!!! I love it and it is channeling spring like a boss.


Gave this one a tuck too and it looks fine, but some drape would have delighted me even more. God I love that print though, if I hadn’t said it enough.






And that’s a wrap! Yay Sewaholic Patterns!


3 thoughts on “Sewaholic Belcarra Blouse

  1. I am making a Belcarra right now too. Just have the hem and sleeve cuffs to do. Luckily, my fabric is super drapey. My fabric is a very light peachy colour.

  2. The wide neck suits you!
    I’ve not read about the Belcarra being particularly tight before, but Sewaholic definitely draft for a B cup and, if you don’t mind me saying, you look to be considerably more than that.
    Full bust adjustments aren’t too hard once you find a good tutorial and they do make a big difference to how flattering stuff looks. I’ve found I can make dresses look way better than RTW ever does by making adjustments 🙂

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