OAL2015 (Partial Credit) – McCall 6887

I am just going to go ahead and make the assumption that if you have managed to find my blog, you are definitely already following Lladybird, an absolute gem in the sewing community. For the second year, Lauren has joined up with Andi from Untangling the Knots to run a sew-along, knit-along combo: The Outfit Along 2015. I still really want to expand my knitting skills. My boyfriend’s mom has done a terrific job teaching me basics, but at this time in my life, I can’t knit for shit.

In conclusion, I have only participated in the sew-along portion – still fun to be a part of to the extent that I am able!


As the sew-along component, I am showing off McCall 6887. Lladybird made a super cute version of this dress in pineapples prior to the OAL event, which peaked my interest in the pattern (may not have paid the pattern much attention otherwise). The pattern has several different variations, but I have sewn up version A – sleeveless with an open back window.



Y’all like that little peak-a-boo of my back? 🙂 I’m pretty down with it. The winning aspect…I can show off a portion of my back and still wear a regular bra (albeit with the straps hiked up so the band stays concealed). I loveeee backless style because it can be sexy while remaining classy, but let’s get real…I can’t just traipse around braless. Wish I could, but hell no, so this particular style is ideal.



I’ll admit two things right now: 1. Overall, I love this dress as a finished project. 2. I kind of hated sewing this dress.

It was great to sew this for OAL, as Lauren posted awesome step-by-step direction on her blog. The construction is not at all complicated, so it should have gone smoothly, but “should have” is the key phrase. Fitting this dress was a TOTAL BITCH for me. I cut the dress in my standard size (14), which I normally nip in here and there, but it is usually a fairly good fit overall. I had to take ~4-5 inches in from the skirt seams. I am also completely baffled by what is going on with these cup size options they offer for the bodice pieces. I cut out the D cup bodice (although in reality, I am 34D3) feeling appreciative of the pattern options. When I tried the bodice on I laugh-cried at how horrendous the fit was – my boobs aren’t located on my collarbone, yo. I had to pinch out an amount of fabric from the princess seams that I can only describe as a shit-ton. The final result looked a little sloppy and rippled, but an improvement at least.



I don’t even know what to tell you about the armhole edge…it did not turn out as a clean curve in a standard sleeveless cut. Basically it looks like the dress was supposed to have sleeve caps inserted (which in reality, is an option, but not needed for version A) and I decided not to add them. The shoulder extends out too far and just looks awkward. Perhaps I’ll adjust this at a later date, perhaps not. As Lladybird did, I finished my armholes and all other edges with bias tape, rather than with a lining.


I just stomped on this pattern pretty hard, but I will be fair and admit that I used a stretch cotton sateen. I obviously expected to take in my seams a bit to account for the stretch, but not to this extreme. Stretch wovens are frustrating to work with sometimes, but I do really, really love this fabric. I picked it up at House of Fabrics in Asheville. What a heavenly spot! I could have easily dropped a grand on fabric in there – they have a phenomenal selection and it is low key and charming. Can’t wait to have another mountain weekend getaway so I can return.


As I said, in the end I like this dress quite a bit and I am glad that I was motivated by OAL2015 to make it. I still give the pattern sizing a rating of WTF, but I’m glad to have a cute new dress.


3 thoughts on “OAL2015 (Partial Credit) – McCall 6887

  1. The end result looks great! I hear your pain on the fitting of this dress. I have made this pattern 4 times so far, but the first one I made I did 2 muslins and had to size down and then take a chunk (like giant chunk) out of the back (full back version). Yours looks fantastic though, I hope you make it again, it’s so pretty on you.

  2. Such a cute dress – looks lovely on you. Also, most excellent selection of accompanying shoes 🙂 I’m very tempted to have a go at this pattern, but I also like the idea of a stretch cotton, rather than something that will crease within minutes of being worn. Size-wise, forewarned is forearmed. Thanks!

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