Vogue 1395

I’ve been showing off a lot of adored indie patterns lately, but I still have plenty of love for the big dogs. I always enjoy sifting through the newest designer patterns for Vogue and feeling so frickin high and mighty for making a designer dress (except that doesn’t actually make me cool at all). 😀 😀

Behold Vogue 1395 – a lovely design by Rebecca Taylor:


This pattern actually came out last year during the spring/summer season and I gave it two thumbs up. The fabric used on the cover design vaguely reminded me of some fabric in my stash, which gave me further incentive to give the pattern a try. Overall, I am quite happy with the dress and I have worn it a lot.


The dress has a fancy overlay piece for the back that wraps around and ties. I like this addition – keeps things interesting and a little different.


Hell yeah, elastic waist!


Construction was easy enough to navigate. I love that Vogue patterns usually incorporate fancier techniques. I mostly used french seams, did some top stitching here and there, and did a lot of rolled hemming. I didn’t make many fit adjustments – the armholes are pretty large and my bra band occasionally peeks out, but I didn’t have a huge issue with this. While I often shave a few inches of the hems of my dresses, I did not make any changes on this guy.


A word of warning – I found that the overlay is rather delicate where it attaches at the waist. The piece gets sandwiched in at the waist seam in the just the middle and is the rest is unattached. This area gets quite a bit of stress from the overlay wrapping around to the front and tying in place. I actually got a rip in my fabric near the waistline after my first wear…had to do some hand stitching surgery that looks pretty ghetto.


I’ve had this fabric in my stash for awhile and took forever to cut into it because it’s gorgeous and I wanted to be certain the project would rule. Speaking of gorgeous, I snagged this from Gorgeous Fabrics and I’ll just say these guys are the best. Awesome selection of fabrics all of the time and great customer service – I actually emailed them for a bit more detail about this fabric and they were so helpful!

I digress…so this is a silk/cotton voile designed by Cynthia Steffe. It’s delicate, very sheer, and feels lovely. I think it was a great choice for this dress pattern, but I have no idea what I was thinking when selecting my lining. I was really fixated on a lilac colored lining, but just grabbed a cheap option that immediately available: broadcloth. Wtf, Beth. It really took away the drape this dress could have and created too much structure. Oh well.


The ties make a bit of an awkward boob shelf for me, but there are worse things in life.


And that is that. Happy sewing!


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