(In love with) Victory Patterns Simone Dress

It’s long overdue that I share what has become one of my very favorite sewing projects. I was a little late to the sewing game with Victory Patterns, but man oh man, Kristiann is killing it. Her designs are unique and beautiful and I am ready to make more. The Simone dress definitely jumped out at me the most – I’ve also seen a few versions (LLadybird, Josephine Kimberling) that are stunning. Here comes my version in all its glory…



Part of the reason why I love this dress so much is because I was so convinced I would hate it during the construction process, yet proven so wrong by the finished product. With pleating right at the bust and a very lose fit in the waist, I was a little concerned about a forever-pregnant look. I’ll be honest, I was still concerned even while trying it on close to the end of construction, but somehow after the very last bits of finishing, I was completely sold. One adjustment I made to avoid looking like a house was topstitching the pleats – to my larger chested ladies, I highly recommend this. I felt like it made a big difference and allowed the high waist area to look a bit more slim.


The style of a high-low hem (or as some may call it, a mullet hem) has been quite popular over the past few years. I definitely hated it at first, but have since grown to really like it if executed well. Along with the Simone dress, Megan Nielson’s Cascade skirt and By Hand London’s Flora dress are golden examples. Give me those patterns and I’m all, girl go ‘head with that mullet hem.

With some high-low hem patterns, I’ve trimmed the back length because it’s just a bit too extreme for my taste (definitely did this on my Cascade skirt), but I did not alter this hem at all. Just pressed a nice and clean narrow hem and called it a day.


This was a fairly easy project. There were one or two steps in the instructions that I had to stare at for a very long time before I understood what to do, but no overly complicated techniques are involved. I opted to leave out the decorative piping mostly because I am lazy (common theme?), but I also didn’t feel like I needed it with my fabric choices. I thought that the bib insert looked much better in my main fabric than with a contrasting fabric. Other than my aforementioned topstitching of the pleats, I did not make any other fit adjustments.


Let’s talk fabric. I bought this pink floral print from the best fabric shop I’ve ever visited: House of Fabrics in Asheville, NC. I visited Asheville back in early spring and of course, googled fabric stores immediately upon arrival. I made my friends drop me off at House of Fabrics and go entertain themselves and what a good decision/demand on my part. I also got the navy abstract sateen used for my McCall 68877 dress here too. It’s a charming little spot that is quiet and low-key and without a doubt has the highest quality fabric you could find in NC. This particular fabric is a cotton lawn – lucky for you, there is even more of this stuff readily available online at Sawyer Brook.

The contrast fabric in the back is a super soft cotton by Thakoon. I purchased this at Mood during a trip to NYC and have used the yardage in a few random projects. I had some scraps left and it was just enough to pop in the back  and in the detailing of this project. I really love the two prints together. Technically, the main fabric is pink and navy, not black, but it’s so dark that I think it still works with the black and white contrast print. (If you’re wondering, yes this is the same fabric Lladybird used in her Simone…coincidence, I say).

For the tab on the front, I used a cherished button from my stash with a clock design….my stash more accurately means my mom’s old stash, so thanks, Mom! Unfortunately, it didn’t photograph well at all, so you can’t fully appreciate how great it is.




It’s a pretty rad dress, right? I’ve got some solid plans brewing for the Victory Satsuki dress next…just wait for it.


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