Two Piece Setacular: Colette Ginger + Burda 6765

It’s time to celebrate a two piece set….or out of the mouth of the biggest sewing babe, Sophie from Ada Spragg, a two piece setacular. Two piece sets are pretty “in” right now and I say hell yeah to that. This is basically the joy of a dress, but maximized because I can wear together as a set or mix things up and separate. It’s like I made a party.


I made the skirt first using the Colette Ginger pattern. This pattern has been around for years and I’ve always liked it, but felt mildly underwhelmed by it. What I dummy I was because now that I’ve made it, I understand why people love it so much. It’s super simple – I made it in an afternoon – and it’s really cute! I wasn’t that into the shaped waistband options, so I used the simple and straight (version 3) waistband. I did not cut the skirt pieces on the bias as version 3 suggests, as there was no need. I nipped in the side seams just a tiny bit extra and machine stitched a 1 inch hem. I also inserted the zipper by machine. Simple as that.


It’s also quite high-waisted….and you may have caught on by now that I am really down with that.


I do somewhat regret my decision not to line this skirt. Seriously, Beth – it’s white! wtf. I felt like the fabric was quite opaque while sewing it up and it mostly is, but a lining would have made me less concerned about showcasing my underwear. Speaking of fabric, I purchased this at none other than …House of Fabrics! Are you tired of me talking about this place yet? You’ll get a little bit of a break until I buy more because this is the last of my fabric from that trip. It’s a nice, soft cotton twill. It is a great weight for this skirt, but it wrinkles like a complete bitch. Whenever I wear this outfit all day, I just pretend the “I slept in my clothes” look is cool.



Ok, now let’s discuss this sweet crop top. It’s Burda pattern 6765 and similar to the Ginger skirt, it is an instant gratification project. I’ve actually made two of these tops and have been rocking them all summer with my Papercut Patterns Rite of Spring shorts. My favorite aspect of this top is that the back dips down a bit, which I’ve done a crap job showing you in these photos. The extra length makes it feel less inappropriately revealing.


You could easily whip up this top in a few hours. There are not many pieces to it and it’s straightforward construction. I didn’t make any fit adjustments, but I will say the sleeves caps are kinda whack. They fit a bit awkwardly, but look fine on the finished product, so I’m not going to lose sleep over it.



There’s not a lot more to say about this project other than I really like it. I’m sharing two of the easiest pieces you could sew. You really should go lurk all of the two piece sets that Sophie has made (here, here, here and definitely here). Girl knows how to look great!


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