Colette Patterns Zinnia!

I’ve got more Colette Patterns magic to share with you today from my hotel bed in Charleston, SC. Introducing my rendition of the Zinnia skirt…. in the sweetest fabric ever!


The most hysterical (disappointing) aspect of this skirt is that it is tight as hell around my waist. Fail. I cut the size 8 and decided to automatically take in the side seams a bit because I had to do that on the Ginger skirt. What a bad assumption – that was not needed at all and now the waistband feels like a corset. There is a lot of very pretty pleating on this skirt and I could have made shallower pleats to give me more room. Unfortunately, I didn’t realize just how tight the fit was until after I’d tucked the pleats and topstitched them all down. I’ll eventually go in and do some skirt surgery. I’d like to be able to show off the high waist and pleating a bit more, but right now it’s not looking cute.


This picture above doesn’t really do justice showing how poorly the waist fits, but just trust me. Whoops, lolz, lolz, lolz.


Side note: I did not make this top, I got it while shopping in my mom’s closet. I did, however, make this necklace! By make, I really just mean that I bought the stone, had some chain cut, added the clasps, and called it a day. It was a really fun activity though – I went to a little bead store in Raleigh called Ornamentea and my sister and I made these necklaces to match. They have classes too and I’m waiting for the next metal stamping class to be scheduled. That’s going to rule.


Back to my pretty, super tight skirt. While the fit is poor because I am stupid, the design is great. I have always found Colette patterns easy to construct. I trimmed a few inches of length off the hem, as I wanted the skirt to be voluminous. I thought it looked a little weighed down and frumpy at it’s original length. I used black thread for all of my stitching/topstitching and finished the skirt with a rolled hem.


The back closure it just a machine stitched invisible zipper and a really cute purple button that you can’t see. Yay!



I’ll finally give you some insight to the best part of this skirt: the fabric! It is a crazy print, but I love it. I snagged it online from Elliott Berman Textiles. It was rather pricey at $20/yrd, but I don’t regret my purchase. I’m all about fabrics with digital prints. The particular print is described as tie-dye animal print, which I’d say is quite accurate. The black is intentionally printed to appear somewhat pixilated, but I like it. This is cotton batiste, which works well for my floaty skirt desires, but it is a little sheer. I lined with black bemberg rayon and that did just the trick.


If you were planning to make this skirt, I still thoroughly encourage you to do so. It’s a great skirt! Perhaps use caution with sizing? Or perhaps I should stop eating so many cheeseburgers. 😀

The last few pictures that I’ll leave you with are terrible, accidental motion shots that look super stupid because why not?




3 thoughts on “Colette Patterns Zinnia!

  1. I love the fabric, the skirt is really pretty. Too about the fit, I have done that as well…so frustrating! Can you add to the waste band and redo the zipper? That was my surgical fix.

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