Victory Patterns Satsuki Dress


Round two of beautiful, strong sleeves – this time featuring Victory Patterns! I absolutely love the styles among Victory Patterns’ main collection. I’ve previously made the Simone dress and it is one of my all time favorite dresses to wear. My mom rules and gave me the printed Satsuki pattern for Christmas, so here we have it. As usual, I am a little late to the party on this dress, but so glad that I finally sewed it.



I wasn’t positive that I would love the shape of this dress on me, but I am pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoy the fit. I made version 1, but nixed the shoulder cutouts. I think the shoulder cutouts look interesting on the model, but I envisioned them being far too fussy and never sitting in place correctly. I actually like the dress without the belt, even though it’s fairly sack-like, but cinching in the waist makes it even more flattering. I am worried about the stability of my button holes for the belt because this fabric is thin and frays like a bitch….fingers crossed!



Construction of this dress was straightforward and the directions were easy to follow. I cut a size 6 and made no alterations. I love that the kimono sleeves are cleverly sewn with a line of stitching to completely avoid exposing your bra…and half of your torso. My photo below attempts to show you this, but the angle is poor so it’s hard to appreciate. I used french seams wherever possible and finished the sleeve edges with a rolled hem.



Let me just put it out on the table for everyone – my hem looks like real shit. My eye is twitching as I’m flipping through these photos. It’s “blind stitched” by hand, but that’s an awfully conspicuous line of stitches. Yuck. I blame the fabric choice, as it doesn’t press well at all.

Speaking of fabric, can you guess where I got this? Mood! It’s a poly blend charmeuse – the price is right and the print is lovely, but as I mentioned, it’s a real pain to press and it also clings to my skin like white on rice (a slip is critical with this dress). They sell the same print in a poly chiffon and neoprene option. I am very tempted to buy a cut of the neoprene (still heavily fixated on this fabric type). Also, the winner of the most recent season of Project Runway used this print, so I consider myself cool by association.



Great dress, great pattern company – I’ll leave you with that. What Victory pattern will be next?!



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