Vogue 1486

I finally took a break from Nettie dresses and used neoprene for a different project – a midi skirt from Vogue’s spring collection, a damn fine one at that. It’s hot in NC (sometimes) and officially spring, so I feel perfectly justified starting into my spring sewing list. Behold, Vogue pattern 1486, a design by Nicola Finetti:


I am always a sucker for the designer patterns within the Vogue line. I hadn’t paid much attention to Nicola Finetti prior to this pattern, but this guy was love at first sight. It’s actually a 2 piece set pattern that includes a crop top. I have a red crepe in my stash to make the top when I finally get settled after a healthy dose of work travel. I couldn’t hold out on posting some photos of the skirt though, so I am partially cheating today and wearing a RTW top.


I don’t usually wear skirts at a midi length. I’m really picky about this length, as it can easily end up unflattering. This particular skirt seemed very striking and classy though, so I decided to try it out. I thoroughly enjoy that I can wear this at work with a more conservative top and then throw on a more fun (aka skimpy) top for outside of work. Also, the skirt has two big pockets so I don’t even have to carry a purse – winning.



I made a size 12 with no major fit alterations. I did not remove any length from the bottom, just turned up a 1/2 inch hem and twin stitched in place. The bottom layer of the skirt has a lot of material from pleating and that gets rather heavy when using neoprene. I nixed the interfacing in the waistband because I didn’t have any stretch interfacing in my stash. I did add clear elastic along the top and bottom of the waistband and this made a world of difference keeping everything in place. The patterns calls for an exposed, separating zipper and I found this kind of pointless. I just used a regular zipper and prefer that it is less conspicuous.

Whenever I sew neoprene, I finish seams in the laziest fashion. My serger always jams up with this material, so I don’t even try anymore. I double stitch, trim down the allowance and call it a day.



Surprise, surprise – this fabric is yet another cut from Mood. They stock a lot of neoprene and I’m good at spending a lot of money – we’re a perfect match made. I only bought 2.5 years of this fabric – it’s 60in wide, but the pattern calls for just shy of 3 yards. I just barely managed to squeeze the patterns pieces in (but only after getting irrationally frustrated, throwing my fabric on the ground, walking away for awhile, and also not following the grain correctly at all. If you make this skirt, take my advice and just buy 3 yards.


That’s all I’ve got! Happy hump day


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